How to Keep Bugs Out of House in Summer

If you’ve discovered a bug infestation in your house during the summer, you’re probably wondering how to prevent it. During the summer, bugs seek shelter indoors where there’s cooler temperatures and sources of food and water.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how to keep bugs out of house in summer once and for all.

How to Keep Bugs Out of House in Summer

It’s always nice to have guests around when the weather is nice. However, it can be a little unpleasant when those guests are uninvited, especially when those guests bite or sting! We are, of course, talking about bugs! If your house is buzzing with activity (and not in a good way), we are going to tell you how to keep bugs out of your house in the summer. 

Here’s how to keep bugs out of house in summer.

Keep it Clean

Like any guest, bugs love the promise of easy picking when it comes to food. If you have noticed a significant increase in the number of bugs in your home, then it might be time to have a good spring (or summer) clean. 

Breadcrumbs, residue, and sugar granules are all tasty and tempting treats for bugs. If you make a real effort to remove them, the bugs will be less likely to check in looking for a free and easy meal. Here are some areas to address: –

Corners of kitchen work surfaces

We all hate cleaning, but over time the odd crumb here and there soon mounts up… This is particularly true in those hard-to-reach corners. Give them a wipe with a soapy cloth. White vinegar is great for dissolving grease. It also acts as a nice natural bug repellent.

Cupboard shelves and floors

If your cupboards aren’t at eye level, there may be a spillage that you can’t see. Give all cupboards a clear-out and a wipe as often as you can.

Behind and underneath appliances

Sometimes those hard-to-see areas under kitchen appliances may be hiding hidden residue. Blenders and food processors are prime candidates to accrue a residue after spillages. Check under and behind your appliances to see if any areas could do with a quick once over.

Fruit bowls

Fruit flies are a real pest. As the name suggests, they are attracted to fruit and other naturally occurring sugars… Especially ripe fruit. If your bananas have seen better days, it’s best to throw them away than risk attracting pests.

Potted plants

How would you feel if we told you that you may have brought the enemy into your home?

Don’t feel too bad.

Often potted plants can contain eggs and grubs in the soil. A good way to suppress bug activity is to cover the top layer of soil with some fine stones or sand.

Change your trash can regularly

It’s a job we all hate… But taking out the trash is vital in preventing pests from exploring what all the smell is about. Garbage cans, especially in the kitchen, are packed full of peels, piths, and other tasty prospects that bugs just love. 

Pet Bowls

Let’s be honest, pets don’t always have the nicest table manners. They aren’t too choosy when it comes to freshness either! 

Here’s a great tip.

Only leave pet food out when it is feeding time, and remove it as soon as your four-legged friend has finished eating. With water bowls, ensure that the water is changed regularly as certain species, such as mosquitos, breed in stagnant water.

Points of Entry

Now that you’ve dealt with the inside, it is time to look at the outside.

Porch and window screens are great for keeping bugs out… Provided that they are intact. Check your bug screens for rips and tears that may allow inquisitive visitors to access your home.

It isn’t just about the windows either. Check areas that lead from outside to inside, like pipe ducts, air conditioning inlets, and vents. If possible, seal these with caulk to keep the bugs out!

Lights at Night

While we are talking windows, here’s a top tip. 

Bugs love flying towards bright lights. While it may be tempting to leave the window open to ensure a cool room, if you are going to do so, make sure that the light in the room is off!

There’s no worse feeling than trying to get settled for the evening only to hear the tell-tale whine of lots of mosquitos who see your bedside lamp as an open invitation. 

Consider Bug Traps

Bug traps are a great solution for removing a large number of bugs. They can work simply by imprisoning insects. But, often, they are used to get to the source of a problem.

Mosquitoes and ants can be a nuisance. Bug traps entice them and then cover them in a poison that they then spread to their fellow bugs! Over time these can be really effective. For the best solutions, it is well worth speaking to a professional pest control company.

Bug Repellent and Sprays

If you want a more targeted approach, you could consider chemical warfare. Sprays and solutions are really effective in killing bugs in your home in the summer. 

You can use over-the-counter sprays to deal with particular pests or have your home treated in key areas with a mild insecticide that will prevent the pests from getting past the doorstep!

Check for Damp Areas

Certain species, such as silverfish, ants, and cockroaches, love moisture. Areas around and under the sink are prime locations for bugs to be attracted to. 

By rescuing the dampness and moisture, you would be making a less favorable habitat for critters. There are several ways to reduce the moisture in your home. A dehumidifier is a great solution. If you notice significant damp in other areas of your home, it may well be worth contacting a plumber.

Contact the Professionals

Is it all getting too much, and you just want those bugs gone quickly? If this is the case, then it might be best to contact a professional pest control service. The pros can normally clear out bugs in super-fast time, and they have vast experience in most insect types and species.

Companies like Facility Pest Control can offer a free quote and quickly assess what needs to be done and show you how to keep bugs out of the house in summer. Why not give them a call?