The Story Of Our Pest Control Company

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Facility Pest Control is the name many homeowners and businesses throughout the San Fernando Valley have come to trust and rely on. With experience and attention to detail, Facility Pest Control is dedicated to using the latest innovations to provide the best pest control company service at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality, integrity, or effectiveness.

Our owner, Sam Karbelnig, started his career selling pest control services for a large provider. He learned why regular pest control is important for homes and businesses, as well as what’s important to his customers. He knows the business of pest control, and he knows the special needs of this region, from Agoura Hills to Woodland Hills. Sam knows the importance of building long-term relationships with his customers

In 2005, Sam opened Facility Pest Control with the goal of providing personalized attention and the best customer satisfaction in the industry. He has delivered consistent, high-quality, and safe services to satisfied customers throughout Southern California ever since. Sam and his employees routinely participate in training programs and courses to stay current on the latest products and techniques.

As a family-owned and operated business, Sam and his team get to know their customers. It’s not unusual to see Sam out in his truck, personally treating homes and businesses. He likes to talk with his customers about their needs, and you can be assured he is making sure you get top-notch service.

What Makes Us So Highly Recommended?

We provide a variety of pest control services to guarantee that your home or business runs appropriately. We recognize that having pests on your property is embarrassing and can harm your reputation and your business line. Our cutting-edge services will keep your house or company free of pests and nuisance wildlife such as gophers, rodents, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and bed bugs. Our specialists are licensed and certified in the pest control procedures we utilize. Our services will save you time and money by eliminating costly pest infestations at your home or company.

The value of developing long-term relationships with his clients cannot be overstated. Some of our customers, for example, have been with us for years and would prefer not to work with anybody else, even if a new product or service might better suit their needs. And we recognize that developing these kinds of relationships takes time, but the payoff is well worth it. A pest exterminator like Sam, who is concerned with providing only the best quality of service to his customers, will ensure that we develop a strong relationship with you as a customer. Most of the time, Sam will personally visit your home to discuss the task’s details, handle the quote process, arrange for any necessary permits or inspections, and do everything else required to get you well taken care of safely and effectively.

We guarantee to do much more than show up and spray: we’ll inspect your property for insects, rodents, and animals that could endanger your health and safety (or leave a mess for you to clean up). Our staff that operates the equipment are regularly trained to ensure that we are up to date on the newest technology and practices. We enjoy discussing our customers’ needs and concerns with them. We will do all possible to ensure that you receive the best pest control service for your specific scenario.

About Us - FAQs

What kind of pest control services do you offer?

We provide a wide selection of pest control services to residential and commercial properties to ensure completely that your home or business runs smoothly. We are experts in bed bug treatment, bee and wasp control, and mosquito control. We use highly effective treatments to get rid of pocket gophers and rodents on your property. If rodents have made their home in your attic, it is likely littered with droppings and urine. Inquire about the various rat feces cleanup and sanitization options we provide.

Yes! We provide a variety of organic and eco-friendly treatment alternatives to safeguard your home and the environment. Ask us about the appropriate non-toxic or low-toxic choice for your home or business.

If, after a week, you continue to observe greater activity (or if you have any other concerns), please get in touch with us! This assurance is part of our commitment to your satisfaction: All of our work is guaranteed for one month following the original service, whether you are on a recurring or one-time plan. If you experience any pest issues or are dissatisfied with our service between regularly scheduled visits, we would gladly return at no additional cost to address the situation.

When you rely on us for pest control services, your safety is our top priority. Our technicians are thus fingerprinted, bonded, and have impeccable driving records. Before adding a candidate to the Facility Pest Control team, we do a thorough background check. And to ensure that you receive the best pest control service possible, our experts routinely participate in training and seminars on the most cutting-edge pest control products and treatment techniques. Our technicians are licensed and trained, with over 20 years of experience in pest treatment.