Commercial Pest Control in Restaurants and Hotels

Beyond aesthetics, pests in restaurants and hotels pose significant health risks.

In worse cases, this can lead to costly shutdowns by health inspectors or cancellations from disgusted guests.

Having a trusted commercial pest control provider like Facility Pest Control is paramount to keeping your establishment free from common hospital pests.

Factors Behind Pest Infestations in Restaurants and Hotels

Certain industries attract more pests than others. But, there are several key areas where hotels and restaurants can keep a closer eye on to minimize the risk of attracting unwanted guests:

Food and Waste Management

Improper food storage and handling practices create ideal breeding grounds for pests. Crumbs left on tables, overflowing trash cans, and food debris around preparation areas in restaurants or in guest rooms of hotels can potentially attract creepy crawlies, especially if left overnight.

Building Maintenance

Even without attractants, pests will go inside buildings to seek shelter from the elements. This is why it’s important to seal gaps around doors and windows as well as cracks in walls and floors. Leaky pipes also provide entry points for pests.

Moisture Control

Damp environments are particularly attractive to many pests. Leaking pipes, condensation buildup, and improper drainage in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas contribute to creating areas of extreme moisture. These environments can harbor pests in restaurants and hotels.


Inspect incoming deliveries of food and supplies in restaurants for signs of pests. Hotels should also inspect luggage deliveries and packages sent ahead by guests, especially when coming from areas notorious for specific kinds of pest infestations.


Inspect furniture and mattresses thoroughly before and after guest use. Even new furniture and mattresses can harbor hidden infestations. Consider purchasing furniture with bed bug warranties for fewer potential headaches.

Potential Risks and Hazards of Pests in Restaurants and Hotels

Pest presence in restaurants and hotels poses a significant threat to both public health and your business operations, including:

Health Risks

Cockroaches, flies, and rodents can all carry and transmit harmful pathogens. They can contaminate food with bacteria, viruses, and parasites, leading to foodborne illnesses among guests in restaurants. Bed bugs, even though they’re not known disease carriers, are just as harmful. They can cause itchy welts and allergic reactions, disrupting guests’ sleep and comfort.

Property Damage

Mice and rats can cause significant property damage by gnawing on electrical wiring, furniture, food packaging, and even walls in hotels. Bed bugs can also leave stains on bedding and furniture in hotels, requiring costly replacements.

Negative Branding

In hospitality, pests are a death sentence. Negative online reviews and word-of-mouth spread can have a lasting impact on your business. Failure to maintain a pest-free environment in a restaurant can result in citations and even closure by health inspectors. Hotels with severe pest infestations may also face sanctions from regulatory bodies.

Common Pests in Restaurants and Hotels

Several types of pests can find their way into restaurants and hotels.

For example, in restaurants, cockroaches and rodents can squeeze through tiny cracks and live in inhospitable environments. 

As for flying insects, restaurants constantly have to deal with flies, fruit flies, and gnats, which can transmit bacteria from unsanitary areas to food prep surfaces.

However, unbeknown to most, restaurants also deal with industry-specific pests. This includes weevils, moths, and beetles. These are notorious for infesting flour, grains, and cereals. Once infested, these products will have to be thrown away.

Hotels face different but equally stressful pests. Bed bugs are the most common. But, in warmer climates, mosquitoes pose an annoying if deadly threat. Ticks can also latch onto guests’ clothing or luggage from the surrounding areas.

Combating Pests in Restaurants and Hotels

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