In2Care® Mosquito Station

The In2Care program, provided by Facility Pest Control, employs cutting-edge technology to decrease mosquito populations and shield your family from potentially dangerous bites without endangering beneficial insects like bees and butterflies.

In countries plagued by Aedes and Culex mosquitoes, insecticide resistance has become a significant issue needing an eco-friendly solution. Area-wide insecticide fogging is still used but shows limited efficacy—and impacts on non-target organisms. This requires a shift to more environmentally friendly vector control.

The uniquely designed traps from In2Care reduce the population of aggressive Aedes aegypti mosquitoes by preventing larvae from hatching and maturing into adults – thus interrupting the cycle at an early stage – and by killing female mosquitoes. This method provides effective, dependable, and inexpensive mosquito control. 

Easy to Use

User-friendly design, no power source needed, easy to assemble and maintain


A multi-impact mosquito control tool that uses mosquitoes to spread larvicides


Scientific field data shows effective kill of Aedes larvae & mosquitoes

An innovative, evidence-based tool for combating container breeding mosquitoes that can spread dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika virus.

About The In2Care® Mosquito Station

The In2Care® Mosquito Station is constructed from long-lasting recycled polypropylene (PP) components, including its lid, center tube, click-on interface, and reservoir. It employs specially designed traps that are strategically positioned throughout your yard. These traps contain a slow-killing larvicide that has been genetically modified to transport the pest-killing bacteria Wolbachia. When female mosquitoes come into touch with this bacteria, they cannot reproduce, reducing their population.

Easy to Use

Designed for long-lasting durability. Designed for long-term endurance. Hassle-free to assemble and retain. No external power supply is required.

Truly Novel

A versatile tool for reducing mosquito populations that spreads larvicides through mosquitoes.

Highly Effective

Scientific studies prove that mosquito larvae and adult Aedes species are easily killed using this approach.

Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, and the Zika virus quickly spread throughout the world’s tropical regions. The Aedes mosquito, a vector for these diseases, is notoriously difficult to eradicate because it lays eggs across numerous inaccessible breeding locations. The In2Care Mosquito Station uses highly advanced, eco-friendly ingredients to successfully lure and kill Aedes mosquitoes in all life stages, from eggs to adults. Station activity goes beyond the Station and into the surrounding area.

How Does The In2Care® Mosquito Station Work?

Expertly setting up and positioning the In2Care mosquito traps on your property is a specialty of Facility Pest Control’s mosquito control pros. Here is how the device works to keep mosquitoes away once it has been set up:

In2Care® Mosquito Stations can be positioned outdoors at a recommended density of 1/400 m2 (10 Stations per acre) and maintained using refill sachets every four weeks. The product is well-suited for deployment in vector control initiatives, especially in high-traffic zones.

Mosquitoes settle and rest on a floater that moves along the central tube with the water level. Female mosquitoes are drawn to the Station by dissolving a capsule containing enticing odors in the water. When a female enters the Station, she falls on a floater covered with a gauze strip that binds a mixture of biological agents with different modes of action. The US EPA has approved all the biological agents currently used for pest control.

Aedes mosquitoes will be attracted to the patented In2Care® Mosquito Station and deposit their eggs there. Once she reaches the Station, an intruding mosquito will settle on the floater gauze that secures two actives near the water. The first is a growth regulator applied to breeding locations around the Station and eradicating mosquito larvae. The second component is a biological fungus that incapacitates the mosquito, stops the development of viruses, and ultimately kills it before it can spread illness.

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Why Should You Install an In2Care Mosquito Trap?

Compared to conventional mosquito management methods, the In2Care Mosquito Station stands out as a superior option. The adult female mosquito population can be reduced by 98% with the help of In2Care, making it a viable option for Aedes aegypti mosquito management. Because it eliminates adult mosquitoes and their larval stages, this is an effective treatment against mosquito infestations.

The active ingredients in In2Care mosquito traps have been certified safe for use around people, pets, and wildlife, including birds and fish, by the World Health Organization and the US EPA.

Furthermore, the bioactive ingredients in In2Care traps are toxic only to mosquitoes, so exposure to the traps will not damage beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. Last but not least, In2Care is highly adaptable and can fulfill any mosquito control requirements thanks to its ability to be used both indoors and outdoors.

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