How To Control Mosquitoes In The Garden

Spending time outdoors admiring a dream scenery can soon become a nightmare if annoying mosquitoes are around. Gardening may be unpleasant and porch sitting a bother if mosquitoes are present. 

But if you take these steps, you may lower mosquito numbers without endangering human health and experience a much more pleasant summer.

Get Rid Of Any Puddles Around Your House


Keeping the gutters clean is essential, so check them once a week for anything like containers, bottles, pots, overturned kids’ toys, and other items that might end up holding water. The trash cans should be covered, water in outdoor pet bowls should be changed daily, and bird baths should be changed many times each week.

Clear Of Any Objects And Grass

Mosquitoes won’t go away so long as there are places for them to hide and seek. Any chemical treatment you use after that will have a better chance of being effective if you first clear away any debris that may be in the way. The success of future treatment relies heavily on the state of the facility being cleaned up. Even if you apply an insecticide that kills every type of bug, new adult mosquitoes might move in and start breeding anew if the place is not maintained.

Get Rid Of The Algae In The Ponds

Algae and other aquatic microorganisms provide a source of nutrition for the larvae of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes may quickly establish their breeding grounds in any water garden or pond with a significant amount of algae or vegetation. If you reduce the number of algae and plants, their number will drop significantly.

Apply Repellant To Avoid Mosquitoes

The first three measures will lessen the mosquito population in your yard, but they won’t eliminate them. This is when mosquito repellents that are harmless to the environment come in handy. Protecting yourself is a must to avoid those itchy bites that might cause redness or allergy.

Scent Your Backyard With Herbs And Oils

backyard with herbs and oils

Mosquitoes may be kept at bay with the help of natural and a few select plant herbs and essential oils. Examples of nontoxic insect repellents include citronella, lemongrass, and chamomile. Scents from candles and oils can be used to repel insects from outdoor dining areas.

Bring Plant Containers Inside

Mosquitoes love the standing water that collects in potted plants, making them an ideal breeding habitat for pests. During the hot and sticky summer, they should be kept inside.

Apply A Natural Pesticide To Your Lawn

Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pest infestations may be effectively treated using nontoxic bug control products that are safe for the family pet. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and go for natural and pet-friendly products.

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