Do I Need Pest Control For Ants?

Although ants aren’t known to spread diseases or pose serious threats (though their stings do hurt! ), they can be a major annoyance if they find their way into or around your home. Ants can cause extensive damage over time in various settings, including wall cavities, roof voids, electrical equipment, gardens, and under pavement, but this is especially true for wood-destroying species. Taking preventative measures against ants can protect your home’s value in certain instances.

Here are some reasons for calling pest control for ants:

Certain Species Call For Specific Treatments

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Different kinds of ants exist, and they each have their unique characteristics. Sugary sweets are a favorite of some, while others are strict carnivores. They can be any size or color and follow any imaginable nutrition plan. A Carpenter ant infestation is not like a stinky house ant infestation. Thus it would be best if you didn’t tackle it the same way. Only trained pest control specialists have the expertise to determine which species are present and then use the proper treatments to eradicate the colony.

Future Expenses May Increase

What good are various therapies if you can’t even target the correct species of an ant? What’s worse is if you think you have an ant problem, but it’s another type of insect. Some termites resemble different kinds of ants, but they do much more damage to your home and are much more expensive to fix. Before attempting to eliminate the bug problem on your own, you should have a professional look at it. In the long run, it could prove to be relatively cost-effective.

They Won’t Be Stopped 

Like the army of terminators, ant colonies are ever present and persistent. One ant finding a source of food or water is all it takes to invade your home. Once it has located the source, it will use pheromone trails to direct the rest of the group. Some homeowners employ vinegar and essential oils they already have on hand to get rid of the insects, but these homemade concoctions are ineffective since they don’t attack the colony. A trained expert has access to effective remedies that can eradicate the colony, ending the problem once and for all.

The presence of ants is widespread. When you finally think you’ve gotten rid of them, you may be surprised to see hundreds, if not thousands, of them hurrying off to another part of your home. This means you won’t be facing up against a swarm of individual ants but a whole colony.

The good news is you can eliminate ant problems on your own. But if the insect problem gets out of hand, it’s time to call in the experts. So when you need to get rid of them, dial (818) 521-6892, and Facility Pest Control will give you the professional extermination of ants. Our team is committed to using cutting-edge methods to ensure you receive the most effective pest control possible. We take pride in our costs remaining low without compromising on honesty, reliability, efficiency, or preciseness.