Will Bleach Kill Millipedes?

Millipedes may not be dangerous, but their many legs make them extremely disgusting, and the last thing you want is for these critters to invade your home. They like moist, humid circumstances and can usually be found outside your house, where they dig and hide in little crevices. Indoors, millipedes can be found around patio doors, windows, and basements. You might wonder, “will bleach kill millipedes?” If so, how do you use it?


Millipedes can be killed with bleach, but the surface will be damaged. As a result, it’s crucial to dilute bleach before applying it to millipedes. Although the diluted bleach spray won’t instantly kill the millipedes, it will cause their exoskeleton to disintegrate, leading to their death in seconds.

How Much Bleach Needed to Kill a Millipede?

Bleach can get rid of millipedes, but only if properly diluted. Sodium hypochlorite, the ingredient in bleach, is a strong corrosive that can damage skin and surfaces. For this reason, it’s essential that you not only properly dilute the bleach but also take precautions to protect your skin by wearing gloves. Make sure you have plenty of fresh air to breathe, too.

One part bleach to ten parts water is the recommended starting concentration for diluting bleach. One tablespoon of bleach, for instance, should be diluted with one gallon of water before use. It’s best to combine all the ingredients in one big bucket before transferring the mixture to individual spray bottles. This will allow you to spray the areas along your home’s baseboards where the millipedes are entering.

How to Kill a Millipede With Bleach?

Millipedes prefer damp environments, so spraying those areas first will have the greatest impact. You could get rid of the millipedes in your garden by pouring the full bucket of diluted bleach into the soil where you’ve seen them, but then the bleach would kill all your plants and other garden life. You can just wait for the millipedes to die off after spraying a bleach solution on the regions of your home where you have seen them.

The bleach will start dissolving the millipede’s exoskeleton or outer covering. Millipedes seek damp environments since moisture is essential to their survival. They will inevitably perish as their exoskeletons dry out and their bodies dehydrate.

You won’t have to worry about seeing any more of those creepy crawlers in your basement soon. Their bodies will be strewn along the floorboards. The time has come to sweep them up and throw them away.

Final Thoughts

Bleach can kill millipedes, but there are fewer harmful ways to take care of them. You can always contact a professional exterminator to tackle the problem. If you need help with your millipede infestation, contact Facility Pest Control today! Our team has the experience & expertise to eliminate millipedes and other pests in your home. We’ll use a variety of professional-grade products that are safe for children, pets, and people with allergies. We also provide regular inspections to ensure you don’t have any future pest issues! So call us now!