Where Do Roaches Come From Outside

If you’ve suddenly discovered a cockroach in your home, you may be anxious about how it got in – and the chance that there are more of them hidden in areas you can’t see. Cockroaches are common in densely populated metropolitan areas. Fortunately, seeing a single roach does not usually indicate that you have an infestation. It’s also possible that a lone intruder made its way inside.

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Cockroaches: Where Do They Come From?

American and German are the most frequent cockroach species that attack homes and businesses. Oriental and Brown-Banded cockroaches are also present. However, they are less numerous.

Cockroaches prefer dark, humid settings where they may easily find water and food. They live and reproduce in crowded city streets, parks, subway tunnels, sewer systems, and within houses and structures. The huge American cockroach, in particular, enjoys being outside. Because they require a consistent water supply, they are frequently observed near sewers; storm drains, gutters, and pipes.

Your Property’s Surroundings

These bugs were designed to walk. A cockroach’s life is spent crawling through mud, grass, and mulch. Roaches can live in alleyways and around dumpsters, even if your property is surrounded by urban concrete. These roaches will conceal and linger out on the ground near your home. It’s nearly certain they’ll find a way in.

Trees And Shrubbery Nearby

Humans complain that food does not just fall from the sky. It certainly does for outdoor cockroaches! Fall leaves are their bread and butter, so it’s no wonder they prefer to reside near trees and shrubs. Anything that takes them closer to your home’s outside also puts them closer to the inside. While all cockroaches can crawl in, certain species can fly! That means they can enter at ground level, at eye level, and even as high as your roof.


The most horrific roach haunt: these bugs emerge from the dark sewers like horror movie monsters to burrow into homes and residents’ nightmares. They pick up harmful bacteria from the sewage they’ve eaten, walkthrough, and trail it across any surface they encounter. As soon as a roach crawls out of the sewer, it begins hunting for a better hiding spot. Cockroaches enjoy dark, damp environments with plenty of food, so if your house appears tempting, you can be sure it’ll look for cracks or holes to climb through.


Here’s another one you don’t want to think about: cockroaches may enter buildings and move from room to room via the pipes. That is how swiftly they infest apartment complexes. Seeing one cockroach in the bathroom may seem little, but it could indicate many more hidden elsewhere.


What is the origin of cockroaches? They will come from everywhere and everywhere that fits their needs—and if you let them, they will make your home one of those locations as well. At Facility Pest Control, we know how to prevent cockroaches from infesting your home. Don’t let them sneak in and make you a meal; call us today!