What’s The Most Efficient Way To Get Rid Of Rodents In A House?

Rodents come into people’s homes to find food, warmth, or a place to live. They can quickly multiply and pose a health risk. They often damage by chewing on cables, books, and toys or by chewing into cabinets and destroying food by munching on storage bags and even plastic containers. Most rats leave behind their urine and feces containing bacteria and viruses.

Find out the most efficient way to get rid of rodents in your home with these top tips.

Take Away All Sources Of Food

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Small amounts of food are sufficient for rodents every day. Eliminating them from your house is as simple as removing their food source.

Glass or metal containers are rodent-proof and should be used to store all dry commodities, including grains, pet food, and other similar items.

If you don’t want them invading your home, ensure all food is stored in secure containers. Avoid leaving pet food overnight, and clean up any messes immediately.

Make Use Of Humane Traps

Humane traps allow the captured rodents to be released unharmed. The best way to get rid of rats is to set traps in the rooms they like to use and check them first thing in the morning. Rodents are nocturnal feeders. You can lure them with peanut butter or cheese.

If you catch a rodent, don’t bring it back into a populated area; instead, release it at least a mile away. You should avoid direct contact with it to prevent acquiring any infections they could have.

humane traps

Close Down All Possible Entrances

close down all possible entrances

Rodents will try to enter your home when the weather becomes colder. Seal any openings around your home’s foundation, siding, or doors using sealant to keep them out.

Duct tape any openings and stuff steel wool into vents to prevent access without limiting ventilation. Steel wool will naturally deter rodents since it is too tough for them to bite through.

Make Use Of Aromatic Oil Blends

aromatic oil blends

Due to their strong odors, Peppermint oil and clove oil are said to be effective rodent repellents. Place cotton balls drenched in oils where mice are likely to gather, such as open drawers, cabinets, and doorways. The stench probably won’t be enough on its own to totally get rid of mice, but it can complement other methods.

Have A Cat

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Getting a cat may be the least complicated option to prevent rodents, provided no one in the household is allergic to the cat. The existence of a cat in the house is one of the most efficient means of reducing the mouse population. If you can’t have a cat of your own but have a friend who does, have them leave you some used kitty litter and put the litter boxes in a visible location near your home’s entrances. Rodents may leave if they detect the odor of the cat’s pee.

Alternatively, you could just buy some ammonia straight from the shop. Ammonia has a strong odor similar to a predator’s urine; therefore, it can be used to keep mice away. Place cotton balls drenched in ammonia in a rodent hide spot.

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