Spring Cleaning And Pest Prevention

Better weather is finally around the corner, and like many homeowners, you’re going to be thinking about spring cleaning. While cleaning out your home, you’ll want to think about tackling spots that are magnets for pests. By cleaning them out now, you can get on top of any pests you find and prevent more from coming in in the future. Here’s how you can spring clean every room in your home and pest-proof them.  


The kitchen is pest heaven, as it’s where they’re most often going to find food. You only have to leave a few crumbs out for them to start sniffing around. As well as that, it’s a ready supply of water, so it’s the pest hotspot of your home.  

One of the most important things you can do in your kitchen is clean it down daily. Wiping down counters and sweeping the floors will go a long way toward keeping the pests out of your home. You can do some more things to make your home less attractive to pests, too. 

When spring cleaning, take everything out of the cabinets and check the dates on any perishables. Throw out anything that’s past its sell-by date. Once you’ve done that, wipe out the cabinets and place fresh shelf paper down. Next, pull out any appliances that can be moved and vacuum behind them. It’s amazing how much dust and dirt can accumulate behind and under them. Finally, give the counters and floors a good scrub. You don’t need anything too fancy for this; just a bucket of warm water with a squirt of dish soap will do.  


Your basement is another hot spot for pests to hide in. It’s typically full of clutter, which makes it an excellent breeding ground for rodents, spiders, and other pests that like to hideaway. When you’re spring cleaning, you’ll want to remove these hiding places and keep everything as clean as possible. 

Take time to go through all your belongings in the basement, and consider what you want to keep and what needs to go. There may be a lot in here that you’ll want to get rid of once you look at it. Either trash, donate, or sell these items, depending on their condition and value.  

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to store the things you are keeping neatly. Avoid cardboard boxes, as they can easily be chewed through and used as bedding for pests. Instead, buy plastic tote boxes to store any belongings. They should have secure lids, so pests can’t get in.  

While you’re down in the basement, look for any cracks or crevices. A mouse can fit through tiny gaps, and insects can get through smaller openings. Use caulk to seal up these cracks, so you’re closing off those entrances.  


Your bathroom is attractive to pests as it’s another ready water source. You’ll also see pests like cockroaches and silverfish here, as they’re attracted to moisture. The best way to eliminate these pests is to eliminate the water supply, as typically, they can only last one week without water.  

Giving the bathroom a thorough cleaning will help a lot when keeping pests out. Wash the shower curtain, and clean out the medicine cabinet the same way you would for the kitchen cabinets.  

Look for any leaks around the faucets or your pipes. This will be where pests can get water, so if you see them have the leaks repaired right away.  


Your garage is an area that can easily fall prey to pests if you’re not taking good care of it. Much like your basement, you’ll want to remove as much clutter as possible. Check for water leaks, too, to remove water sources. That removes shelter for pests so that it won’t be as attractive to them. 

Take a look at your weather stripping on the garage door. If it’s damaged or wearing out, it’s allowing pests to get in and start making themselves at home. It’s pretty easy to replace it, so do it now to seal the garage off from them.  


Finally, you’ll want to take a look at your yard. It’s where most pests will be getting in from, so you want to make it less attractive to them. There are many things you can do here to make it a pest-free zone.  

First, sweep and rake up leaves and other debris. It’s perfect for some pests to hide under, so you’ll remove the shelter they have by removing it.

Take a look at your roof, as this is another spot that pests love. Has there been any damage over the winter? Some pests like to feed on rotting wood, and others will use the damage as an opening into your attic. You’ll want to repair any damage as soon as possible to stop this from happening. While you’re up there, clean out your gutters to ensure water can properly drain away.  

Are there any trees that stand very close to it on the subject of your roof? If there are overhanging branches, they can allow pests such as squirrels to reach the roof and potentially damage it during storms. To stop this from happening, prune the tree branches back, so they aren’t overhanging the roof. You may also want to consider removing the tree entirely.  

There’s a lot to think about when you’re spring cleaning, but while cleaning your home, remember to pest-proof it as you do so. It’s not too difficult to remove things they use when they shelter in your house and ensure that they can’t get back in. Follow these tips to keep your home safe.  

Call Facility Pest Control for your Calabasas Spring Pest Control with any questions to help you get them out of your house for good. Scheduling pest control service with us will keep your home pest-free.