Signs Of Gopher Infestation: Detecting Gopher Activity In Your Yard

Is your carefully cultivated lawn or garden under attack? When gophers decide to make their home below ground, your outdoor paradise can quickly turn into a battleground. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or love having a pristine outdoor space, it’s crucial to spot these red flags to safeguard your property. To effectively address the issue, it’s wise to consider gopher control services if you suspect a gopher invasion.

In this blog, we’ll uncover the warning signs of gopher activity in your yard and emphasize the importance of early detection.

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Mounded Soil

Fresh, fan-shaped dirt mounds on your lawn or garden are one of the most apparent indications of gopher activity. Gophers excavate tunnels beneath the surface, creating these mounds, which are frequently several inches high and wide. The soil forces out these unique formations. These mounds are a blatant sign of a gopher infestation if you see them.

Tunnel Entrances

Gophers dig a complex system of tunnels underneath the surface. In your yard, there can be tiny, circular tunnel entrances around the size of a golf ball. The gophers usually cover these up, but sometimes they come loose. These holes are a surefire indicator of gopher activity if you find them.

Damaged Plants

As herbivores, gophers consume the roots, bulbs, and tubers of plants. Intruding into your yard, they can seriously harm or even kill your plants. Watch for wilting, stunted development, or abruptly uprooted plants. Gophers may be at blame if the plants in your garden seem to be suffering or dying.

Tunnels Beneath Walkways

Not only do gophers tunnel under open spaces, but they also do so beneath paved surfaces such as roads, patios, and sidewalks. Gophers may be causing uneven or sinking pathways if they erode the earth beneath them.

Gopher Holes

Gophers may make bigger holes in your yard as they excavate their tunnels. These holes are another clear indicator of their presence and are usually associated with their intricate tunnel system. It would be best to fill in gopher holes promptly because they can create a tripping hazard.

Feeding Activity at Night

Gophers may not be frequently sighted during the day because they are nocturnal. But if you notice any evidence of recent digging, mounding, or damage to plants in the morning, it’s probably because of what they did over the night.

Audible Sounds

People report hearing audible sounds when gophers are active in their tunnels. Sounds such as rustling or scraping could be coming from underneath the surface. These noises are a good sign of gopher activity if you hear them.


It’s critical to identify gopher activity in your yard as soon as possible to stop severe damage and safeguard your outdoor sanctuary. It’s time to act if you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms. To properly deal with the infestation, consider hiring Facility Pest Control experts. You can maintain the attractiveness of your outdoor space and have a gopher-free yard thanks to our knowledge and specialized procedures. Don’t let these subterranean intruders ruin your hard work; take immediate action to recover your grass and garden.