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Combating pests effectively requires innovative and targeted approaches, especially when dealing with persistent pests, like mosquitoes and spiders. At Facility Pest Control, we take mosquito control seriously, recognizing the discomfort and health risks these pests pose.

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Our comprehensive mosquito services include the use of In2Care mosquito buckets, which not only target adult mosquitoes, but also disrupt their breeding cycle, providing a long-term solution to infestations. Additionally, we employ fogging techniques for immediate relief from mosquitoes around your home, alongside a specialized spray service that targets these flying pests directly, ensuring thorough coverage and protection.

Our commitment to pest control extends beyond just mosquitoes; for spider control, our approach includes de-webbing the eaves of homes. This method clears away spider webs and egg sacs, which discourages spiders from nesting and returning to the area. We also remove mud dauber and wasp nests as part of our regular pest control Reseda CA residents need, addressing a broader range of pest concerns with each visit. We enhance our yard treatments with encapsulated granules that are applied throughout your property, and these granules slowly release pest control agents that are effective against a wide array of pests, such as ants, spiders, roaches, and beetles. This method ensures a sustained release of the treatment, providing longer-lasting protection against potential infestations.

Facility Pest Control is dedicated to providing top-tier pest control services that ensure your home remains comfortable and pest-free, which is why our pest control Reseda CA locals love, is designed for both your satisfaction and safety, using methods that respect both your health and the ecosystem.

Reseda CA Pest Control

Outstanding Reseda Pest Control Solutions

In Reseda pest control is more than just dealing with an annoyance; it’s about ensuring a secure and comfortable environment for your family. At Facility Pest Control, we employ a variety of advanced methods to protect your home from pests, and one effective technique we utilize is our backpack spraying service. Using a backpack sprayer, we apply a barrier treatment across your yard, specifically targeting pests that thrive in outdoor areas.  

This method allows us to cover extensive ground efficiently, ensuring that all potential breeding sites and habitats are treated, thereby minimizing the likelihood of pests entering your living spaces.

Further enhancing our exclusive Reseda pest control strategy, we utilize wall flush dust treatments, which involves injecting insecticidal dust into the wall voids and other concealed spaces within your home where pests might hide or breed. This method is particularly effective for reaching areas that are otherwise inaccessible but are known to harbor pests, like termites, ants, and cockroaches, providing a long-term deterrent against infestation.

Additionally, we reinforce these measures by spraying around the entire foundation of your home as applying a liquid pesticide solution around the perimeter forms a strong protective barrier that prevents pests from entering. This foundation spray acts as a first line of defense, stopping pests before they can even get close to your indoor areas. 

Our Pest Control Services

By combining backpack yard spraying, wall flush dust treatments, and perimeter foundation spraying, we offer a robust defense against a variety of pests, ensuring your home remains a safe and comfortable sanctuary for your family. 

Pest Control Reseda CA


Reseda CA Pest Control Services

At Facility Pest Control, we focus intensely on areas within your home that are most vulnerable to pests. We start with the garage and attic — common breeding grounds for pests due to their often undisturbed and cluttered nature, and by applying top-notch products in these areas, we prevent pests from establishing a foothold. Moving inside the home, we apply targeted applications under sinks and behind toilets, places where moisture accumulates and attracts pests, such as ants and roaches. Appliances, like refrigerators and dishwashers, also provide shelter and food sources for pests, so treating the spaces underneath these appliances is crucial for a comprehensive pest control strategy, targeting the hidden spots where pests are likely to gather.

Additionally, securing potential entry points is essential, so we apply exclusive Reseda CA pest control products around doors, windows, and other entryways to stop pests from entering your home. We also treat all baseboards with a residual pesticide, which creates an effective barrier against crawling pests, ensuring they cannot traverse freely across your home.

At Facility Pest Control, we use family and pet-friendly natural organic products for all our treatments, ensuring the safety of your loved ones. We also recognize the contributions of our community heroes by offering a 10% discount to healthcare workers, military personnel, first responders, teachers, and senior citizens, with all services backed by a 30-day guarantee.

Facility Pest Control is committed to providing safe, effective, and comprehensive pest management that ensures your home remains a sanctuary, free from unwanted pests.

Our Dependable Exterminator Reseda CA Locals Rely On

Choosing the right pest control provider is crucial for maintaining a healthy and comfortable living or working environment, and at Facility Pest Control, we pride ourselves on delivering specialized attention that large pest control corporations cannot match. Since our inception in April 2005, we have been dedicated to providing top-tier general pest control services tailored to the unique needs of our clients. 

Our services are designed to ensure continuous protection throughout the year, adapted to both seasonal changes and specific pest threats.

Our exterminator Reseda CA locals trust, offers three primary types of General Pest Control services. Our Monthly General Pest Control service provides year-round regular treatments to keep your home or business completely pest-free. During the spring and summer, when pest activity typically increases, our Hybrid General Pest Control service offers monthly treatments. Then, as the pests become less active in the cooler months of fall and winter, this service switches to a bi-monthly schedule, maintaining effective control while optimizing resource use. For those preferring less frequent interventions, our Bi-Monthly General Pest Control service includes treatments every other month, striking a balance between thorough pest management and minimal disruption.

Our General Pest Control services effectively manage common pests, such as ants, earwigs, spiders, crickets, roaches, and wasps. Additionally, our exterminator Reseda CA locals swear by, provides specialized treatments for more formidable pests like scorpions, fleas, ticks, bees, yellow jackets, and hornets for an additional fee.

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