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Welcome to Facility Pest Control, a proud fixture in pest management since our inception. As a locally owned and operated family business, we are proud to provide the best pest control Granada Hills CA has to offer. Our team is deeply committed to providing tailored solutions and personalized service to our community.

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At Facility Pest Control, our primary focus is on providing top-quality General Pest Control services. We understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free environment, which is why we offer three distinct service options tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Monthly General Pest Control Service: Enjoy year-round protection with our monthly service, guaranteed to keep your home or business free from common pests.
  • Hybrid General Pest Control Service: Our hybrid model combines monthly treatments during peak seasons with bi-monthly service in quieter periods, offering flexibility without compromising on effectiveness.
  • Bi-Monthly General Pest Control Service: For those seeking a budget-friendly option, our bi-monthly service provides treatments every other month to keep pests at bay.

In addition to our General Pest Control services, we also specialize in mosquito control. We offer innovative solutions such as In2Care mosquito buckets, fogging, and spray services to effectively manage mosquito populations and protect your outdoor spaces. Being the most reliable pest control provider, we understand that every pest problem is unique, which is why we take a customized approach to pest management. Our team of trained technicians utilizes the latest techniques and eco-friendly products to deliver exceptional results, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction.

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Effective Exterior Treatments From The Best Granada Hills Pest Control Company

In our exterior services, we leave no stone unturned to ensure your property remains pest-free and comfortable. Firstly, we meticulously de-web the eaves of your home, bidding adieu to unsightly spider webs and egg sacs that clutter the exterior.

This thorough process not only improves the aesthetics of your home, but also discourages spiders from nesting, keeping them at bay. Additionally, as part of our regular service, we take care of removing any mud dauber or wasp nests, ensuring your exterior remains pristine and pest-free.

Moving on, our Granada Hills pest control team provides a yard treatment using encapsulated granules that are strategically applied to target common outdoor pests, such as ants, spiders, roaches, and beetles. They release pest control agents gradually, providing long-lasting protection for your yard and outdoor spaces. This proactive approach ensures that pests are tackled at the source, minimizing their presence and preventing infestations.

Our Pest Control Services

Moreover, our Wall Flush Dust Treatment is designed to tackle pests that may lurk in concealed spaces around your property. By injecting insecticidal dust into wall voids and other hidden areas, we effectively eliminate pests at their source, preventing them from breeding and causing further problems.

With our comprehensive exterior services, you can trust Facility Pest Control to keep your property pest-free and enjoyable all year round. Contact our Granada Hills pest control company today to schedule your service and experience the difference for yourself.

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The Exceptional

Granada Hills CA Pest Control Provider You Can Trust

At Facility Pest Control, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your loved ones, including your family and pets. That’s why our Granada Hills CA pest control experts proudly guarantee that only family and pet-friendly natural organic products are utilized in every general pest treatment we administer. With our commitment to eco-conscious practices, you can rest assured that our methods not only effectively combat pests, but also prioritize the health and safety of your home environment.

In appreciation of the dedication and service of healthcare professionals, military personnel, first responders, teachers, and senior citizens, we’re pleased to offer a 10% discount on all our services. It’s our small way of expressing gratitude for their invaluable contributions to our community and country.

Additionally, our Granada Hills CA pest control company stands behind the quality of our work with a 30-day guarantee on all our services. If pests persist within 30 days of treatment, we’ll return to re-evaluate and re-treat as necessary at no extra cost to you. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we’re committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Contact Our Exterminator Granada Hills CA Residents Trust

At Facility Pest Control, our exterminator Granada Hills CA residents trust, is the backbone of our operation and is truly second to none. Trained extensively in the latest techniques and armed with a wealth of experience, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best treatment for your homes. 

Here’s why our exterminators are so great:

  • Expertise: Our exterminators possess a deep understanding of pest behavior and biology, allowing them to accurately identify pest entry points and nesting areas. This expertise enables them to develop customized treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of your home.

  • Attention to Detail: We leave no stone unturned in our quest to rid your home of pests. Our exterminators meticulously apply pest control products around doors, windows, and other entry points, creating a protective barrier that prevents pests from infiltrating your living spaces.

  • Safety: The safety of your family and pets is our top priority. Our exterminators are trained to use pest control products responsibly and effectively, ensuring minimal risk to your loved ones and the environment.

  • Reliability: When you choose Facility Pest Control, you can count on us to deliver prompt, reliable service every time. Being the most reliable exterminator Granada Hills CA is home to, we arrive on time, ready to tackle your pest problems with efficiency and professionalism.
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