Gopher Control Services

You may not often see gophers on your property, but you’ll notice the damage they can do to the plants, trees, turf, and flower beds in your landscape as they dig their underground tunnels.

These small rodents may be mistaken for other types of rodents, such as ground squirrels or rats, so it’s important to have a gopher control professional identify the problem. Our gopher extermination experts have the skills and experience to make an accurate identification and recommend the control method that’s right for you.

Our Gopher Extermination Services

We offer two different but highly effective forms of gas treatment to rid your property of gophers:

Gopher Control

Aluminum phosphide is used when the area being treated is thoroughly watered

Gopher Control

Carbon monoxide is used when the treatment area is very dry

Both of these treatments require special handling and should only be applied by experienced professionals. If you need our gopher removal services, please call 818-521-6892 to schedule an appointment.

What to Know About Gophers

There are five species of gophers, known as pocket gophers, in California. In the Los Angeles area, the Valley or Botta’s pocket gopher is the most common species. These burrowing rodents are well-suited to digging the burrows and long tunnels that disrupt your landscape, leaving mounds of soil as they dig. A single gopher can make several mounds per day.

You may notice seasonal differences in gopher activity in areas that aren’t irrigated—gophers will dig in those areas in spring and winter when the soil is naturally more moist. In areas where there is regular irrigation, such as gardens and lawns, gophers will happily burrow year-round in the easily dug, moist soil.

When pocket gophers find a hospitable environment, they will feed on all types of trees, plants, vines, and bushes there, even taking whole plants down into their tunnels. They can also destroy your irrigation system by gnawing on plastic water lines.

If you’ve seen evidence of gopher activity, it’s important to have professional gopher exterminators treat the problem as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming extensive.

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How to Prevent Gopher Problems

The most effective way to reduce the potential for damage caused by these pests is having your property treated by experienced gopher exterminators. There are also some steps you can take yourself, most of which are exclusion methods. If you are planning to add plants to your landscape, preventative measures include screening the sides and bottom of the planting area or installing your plants in wire baskets in the ground. For existing plants, you can sink wire mesh a minimum of 18 to 20 inches deep around the plants. For any exclusion methods, keep in mind that pocket gophers can dig their tunnels surprisingly deep underground.

Why Hire Facility Pest Control for Gopher Control & Gopher Removal

If gophers have invaded your property, it’s crucial to hire professionals like Facility Pest Control. We specialize in gopher control and removal, ensuring your property is free from these destructive pests. Here’s why you should trust us with this task:

Gopher Control

Experienced Gopher Exterminators

Our team of experts is highly trained in identifying and eradicating gopher infestations. They assess the situation accurately and recommend the most effective solution for your specific problem.

Gopher Control

Effective Gas Treatment

We offer two types of gas treatments – aluminum phosphide for well-watered areas, and carbon monoxide for drier regions. These treatments are potent and should be handled by seasoned professionals like us.

Gopher Control

Preventive Measures

We don’t just remove gophers; we also help prevent future invasions. Our preventive methods include screening planting areas, installing plants in wire baskets, and placing wire mesh around existing plants.

Gopher Control

Family-Owned Business

Operating since 2005, Facility Pest Control is a family-owned business serving homeowners and businesses in Los Angeles. We prioritize building long-lasting relationships with our customers and delivering top-notch services.

Gopher Control

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We stand by our work and offer a one-month guarantee on all our services. If you have our recurring service and face any issues between scheduled visits, we’ll return at no additional cost.

Our service area includes Agoura HillsWoodland HillsTarzanaWestlake VillageThousand OaksEncinoVan Nuys, and more.

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Facility Pest Control has been serving the pest control needs of homeowners and business owners from Thousand Oaks to Studio City since 2005. We’re a family-owned business focused on getting to know our customers and their needs and delivering the safest and highest-quality services possible.

For your peace of mind, we guarantee all of our work for one month after your initial service and we will return at no charge if you have our recurring service and experience problems between scheduled visits. 

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Gopher Control FAQ

What’s the best way to get rid of gophers in my yard?

Pocket gophers can dig networks of tunnels as far as 600 feet and spend their lives almost completely underground, which makes it a challenge for most homeowners to attempt getting rid of them with DIY methods. Most of these methods require significant time and work to locate all of the gophers’ tunnels and burrows and require handling poisonous substances. Traps can be effective, but you must wear protective equipment when emptying the trap and take the animals to a location far from your property.

Calling a pest control technician with wildlife control experience is the best and most effective way to get rid of gophers. Our technicians can confirm that you have pocket gophers and not some other type of rodent (which may call for a different treatment) and create the extermination plan that’s best for you.

The California Department of Fish & Game has classified pocket gophers as nongame mammals. This means that they cannot be killed for sport in the wild, but can be killed if they are the cause of demonstrable damage on your property.

There are some substances that gophers’ sensitive noses don’t seem to like. These include peppermint oil, fabric softener sheets, and castor oil. Coffee grounds mixed with the soil around plants or sprinkled into the gophers’ tunnels may help repel them, and ammonia is a natural repellent as well.

The problem with choosing repellents to solve your gopher problem instead of professional extermination is that gophers aren’t likely to be driven very far away. They may simply move next door and return to your property when the repellents lose their effectiveness.

You’re probably not doing anything wrong if you’ve discovered gopher mounds in your yard—gophers are simply seeking a food source, and the plants in your yard provide it. If your lawn and plantings are well-kept, they give these pests the cool, moist soil they prefer.

Several types of common rodents can be mistaken for one another. Both moles and gophers dig and burrow, but there are differences in the mounds of soil they make that can help you determine which one you have:

  • Gopher mounds are usually shaped like horseshoes or crescents and their newly dug holes are about three inches across.
  • Mole mounds are round and cone-shaped, like a small volcano, and can be 12 or more inches in diameter.

If you’re unsure what type of pest is creating mounds and digging holes on your property, our technicians will be able to make a positive identification before recommending your best course of action for getting rid of the problem.