Mosquito Bite Relief To Help Stop The Itch 

Now that the warmer weather is here, mosquitoes are on their way too to start crashing the party. The last thing you want is to get bitten by them at outdoor events. Even if you avoid the diseases they can spread, their bites are just generally itchy and unpleasant.  

The best way to deal with mosquito bites is to deter them in the first place. Here are some top tips to help you stop them from getting into your yard and turning you into a meal.   

Eliminate Standing Water In Your Yard 

This is the biggest thing you can do to deter these pests from your yard. Mosquitoes look for standing water, as it’s where they like to lay their eggs. Once those eggs hatch, you’ll have even more mosquitoes making a nuisance of themselves. If you can eliminate the standing water, you’re going to make your yard much less inviting.  

It’s amazing how little water mosquitoes need to lay eggs. They can, in fact, lay eggs in just a thimbleful of water. As such, you’ll want to go around your yard and find anything that can catch rainwater and be attractive to mosquitoes. For example, empty and remove unused kiddie pools, old tires, boats, and so on. Also, check your gutters to ensure they aren’t blocked and full of water, and full up tree stumps with mortar.  

Treat Ponds And Pools 

There will be some standing water that you don’t want to get rid of, so you’ll need to find a way to deter mosquitoes from them. If you have a pond or a swimming pool, make sure you’re chemically treating them to deter these pests.  

There are several different products you can use, so you can take your pick. Some leave a thin layer on the surface, so it won’t harm fish but it will suffocate any mosquitoes that hatch in the pond. You can also add briquettes that release a spore that kills larvae but won’t harm fish or animals.  

Your pool should be able to deter mosquitoes if you properly chlorinate it. Follow the instructions on any products you buy, and cover the pool when not in use.  

Add Predator Fish To Your Water Feature 

Another all-natural way you can stop mosquitoes breeding in your pond is to add fish that feed on the larvae. If any mosquitoes try to lay eggs there, the fish will simply eat them. It’s a good option if you don’t want to add chemicals to the feature.  

The best fish for this are goldfish or minnows. You can pick them up at any pet store, and they’ll do a lot to keep the population down. You may find that their life span is short though, so you’ll need to head to the pet store at the start of every mosquito season to stock up again.  

Run Fans During Get-Togethers 

When you have friends over in the summer, you want to be able to enjoy your yard without getting bitten all over. The problem is, that mosquitoes are attracted to your scent and the carbon dioxide you exhale. If you can dissipate those tell-tale signs, they’ll find it harder to find you.  

The best way to do this on a temporary level is to simply run fans at ground level while you’re out in the yard. The fans will break up scent patterns, and this will help you keep the mosquitoes away. It’s very effective, so it’s something you’ll want to try.  

Use Insect Repellent 

It’s an obvious tip, but one that you shouldn’t forget. When you’re planning to spend time outside, you’ll want to wear insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away from you. When picking out a product, look for one that contains DEET as this will repel mosquitoes in particular.  

You can also use another repellent that contains permethrin on your clothes, as well as the DEET repellent on your skin. Together they will do a lot to protect you.  

Trim The Greenery In Your Yard 

Mosquitoes look for shade in the middle of the day, and your yard can offer that to you. Overhanging trees and bushes offer a lot of shade, and you’ll find mosquitoes hanging out here when the sun is at its height. Of course, that means that they’ll come out to hunt once it gets cooler, so you want to dissuade them from coming into your yard in the first place.  

You’ll also want to mow the lawn, as tall grass also invites the mosquitoes to shelter there. Keep the bushes trimmed and mow the lawn once a week, and that will keep them away.  

Avoid Less Reputable Repellent Methods 

There’s lots of advice out there on how to repel mosquitoes, and not all of it is going to give you what you need. For example, many swear by using bug zappers on their porch, spraying the garden with garlic, or using bat towers to keep the population down.  

However, these methods aren’t proven, and often have little to no effect. For example, you can install bat towers, but they don’t feed on mosquitoes so they aren’t going to do much. Use the methods listed here or consult a professional if you really want to keep mosquitoes out.  

Call Facility Pest Control

If you really want those mosquitoes gone for good, then hiring a pest control company will be your best bet. We will have the tools needed to properly eliminate mosquitoes from your yard and make it a safe place to be.  

For example, we can set traps that entice mosquitoes to lay eggs in water laced with larvicide and coat them in pesticides that they’ll spread around and kill off existing mosquitoes. Ask us what we can do to help you with your mosquito problem.  

Use these methods to keep mosquitoes away, and ensure that you’re not having to deal with mosquito bites all summer. With this advice, you’ll be able to keep that yard mosquito-free.  

Contact Facility Pest Control today to learn more about mosquito bite relief and prevention.