Is There A Spray For Bed Bugs

The insects known as bed bugs are unpleasant. It might be challenging to get rid of them, and it can be even more difficult to get rid of them once you already have them on your bed. It’s good that sprays are available to help you keep these pests at bay. Below are some of the types of sprays for bed bugs. 

Rubbing Alcohol

Bed bugs are challenging to eradicate, but rubbing alcohol can repel them. They despise the smell of alcohol, and using it to solve your problem is an effective remedy. The rubbing alcohol can cause bed bugs to die by drying out their bodies. This aroma benefits your property since the stench released by rubbing alcohol prevents pests from laying eggs in your region. They will flee your home when they smell it, searching for another spot to give birth. You can remove almost 50% of the bed bug population by spraying rubbing alcohol.

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Lavender Oil

You can spray the oil around your house or in bed bug-infested areas to get rid of bed bugs. The oil has a potent scent that attracts bugs and people alike. The smell will undoubtedly drive those annoyances away, providing a better place to live. What’s excellent about lavender is that it not only keeps bed bugs at bay but can also help you sleep better.

Pesticide Spray

Pesticide sprays are also used to treat bed bugs. A residual formulation product is used, and any risk areas of potential bed bug infestations are targeted. Applying the product precisely and directly to target areas such as beading on mattresses, cracks, and crevices in furniture and flooring is critical. The fine droplets can excite the bed bugs if the spray performs incorrectly. As a result, it can cause them to emit alert pheromones, spreading the infestation to other areas.

Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil is known to fight bacteria and acne, yet it can also be a good solution for bed bugs. Tea tree oil effectively repels bed bugs because the smell encourages the pest to leave the area. They will flee as soon as they smell it. The essential oil not only gives them an unpleasant odor but can also affect their exoskeleton. If you have tea tree oil on hand, you can liberally spray it in areas where bed bugs are active. Your home will not only smell nice but also be bed bug-free.

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As a result, different sprays for bed bugs are effective and available. However, a few bugs may survive even if you are highly cautious. And even if only a few bed bugs survive, the infestation can resurface in weeks. If you want to take care of it permanently, hire a professional. Treatment by a pest expert is the best treatment for bed bugs. Facility Pest Control is always here to assist you in dealing with your problem so you don’t have to deal with it alone. We can help you get rid of bed bugs for good. Call us now!