How to Protect Car Wiring from Rodents, Gophers, and Other Rats

Rodentsgophers, and other rats love to chew on wires. If you’re not careful, they can cause big damage by gnawing through your car’s wiring system. Here are some useful and proven tips to protect your car from rodents’ destructive appetites.

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Keep Your Car Clean

Rodents love dark, dirty places – so keeping your car clean is one of the best ways to prevent them from getting inside it in the first place. If you leave crumbs or scraps behind after eating in the car, then rats could use those as an invitation to come inside and start nibbling away at wires.

Set up Natural Deterrents

Setting up natural deterrents in your garage or driveway is another good idea. This will scare away rodents, so they don’t want to come near your car. You need to set up traps and bait stations around the vehicle as well as any other areas where they could hide out or nest. Rodents don’t like strong smells such as peppermint oil, citrus fruit peels, spearmint oil, or mothballs.

Seal Up Any Access Points

Look around your garage or shed for any holes where rats may be entering from outside your garage or shed and seal them up with steel wool or caulking if possible. Also, check under cars for any holes that could allow rodents access into the engine compartment through hoses or wires that run under vehicles and seal these with steel wool or caulking as well if possible.

Eliminate Food and Water Sources

Rats will chew through wires in order to get food and water. Make sure there is no food or water near your car. If you have a garage, check the interior thoroughly to ensure that there are no water leaks or other sources of moisture. If you park your vehicle outside, keep the trunk shut whenever it is not being used.

Seek Professional Help

If these methods don’t work, then it’s time to bring in the professionals. Any rodents, gophers, or other rats that may be residing in or near your vehicle can be eradicated by a pest control company. They’ll also seal up any access points that these pests might be using to get into your car and remove any foods or water sources that may attract them.


When it comes to protecting your car, keeping rodents and other pests at bay can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where they’re going to come from. But learning what you can do to protect your car wiring from rodent damage is the first step toward keeping your vehicle safe. If you’re concerned about rodent infestation, keep in mind the above advice.

If you find rodents in your car and do not want to deal with the matter on your own, contact a professional like Facility Pest Control. We can help alleviate your fears with prompt service and effective extermination. We always owe it to our customers and our community to handle this delicate problem so that you can return to enjoying your vehicle without fear.