How To Prepare For Termite Inspection

It is critical to get a termite inspection if you are purchasing a new home or if you have been living in your present one for some time. Termites can significantly damage a home and can be difficult to eradicate if not detected early. Here are some pointers and methods for preparing for a termite inspection.

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Put Things in a New Order

Remove any bulky outdoor furniture or toys that might be in the way of the termite inspector’s ability to see the ground. Such items include basketball hoops and trampolines. For the inspector to check your water sources for termite activity, you will need to remove anything from under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. If you have things stacked against the wall in your garage, you should move them about two feet away from the wall. Everything outside your house against a wall must be impacted two feet away.

Access The Roof Without Much Trouble

Relocating any heavy furniture or toys from the attic will give the termite inspectors easier access. Alternatively, the inspector can take precautions to prevent debris from the roof’s interior from falling on them. Debris can be prevented by inspecting the roof for damage and removing unnecessary items.

Get Rid Of The Damp Area

This area should be cleaned out for homes with a crawl space before the inspector’s visit. That includes outdated packing materials, insulation, and anything else that could be in the way. Removing the damp area will lessen the termite’s evolution since most live there. Just avoid damping a room to prevent insects.

Artistic Concealment in the Landscape

Overgrown plants and trees serving as ground cover should be pruned before the inspector arrives. That way, the inspectors can see the termite tubes even if the plants cover some of them. Termites are anywhere, so trimming the area where there are plants can help the inspector easily track them.

When Is It Time For A Termite Inspection?

A termite inspection is most beneficial before purchasing a new home. That way, you’ll know whether the property has termites and can negotiate with the seller to fix the problem before moving in.

If you already own a home, you should get it inspected every one to three years. That way, you can detect any problems early and address them before they become too serious.


Following the steps in preparing for a termite inspection plays a crucial role in our lives since it can save us from danger. Termites are harmful, so it’s better to prevent them as early as possible.

Schedule your home inspection for termites with Facility Pest Control. We will visit your home and inspect it from top to bottom, looking for any signs of termite destruction. We will also look for things like mud tubes and damage to wood. After the inspection, we will give you a report that will tell you if there are any signs of termites on the property. The information will also tell you what, if any, damage has been done by the termites.

Don’t hesitate to approach our company today if you have questions about our inspection process or would like to schedule an appointment.