How To Control Wasps In Yard

During the warmer months, wasps tend to populate backyards. A nuisance when trying to enjoy outdoor activities, they are drawn to sweets and sweet meals and waste. It’s best not to mess with a wasp nest in your yard, as aggravated wasps will attack if they feel threatened. Wasps serve a vital ecological function; thus, they should only be eradicated if they become a safety risk.

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Tips On Controlling Wasps

Remove Food Sources

Wasps are drawn to sugary foods and drinks, so keeping them hidden and out of sight when you’re outside is essential. In reducing the number of wasps in your yard, it is vital to eliminate any sweet or sugary food sources they might come into contact with.

Cover Garbage Cans

Wasps will eat anything thrown away, so make sure your trash cans are always covered. Wasps are drawn to sugary foods and can feed on wasted food in the garbage, which can increase the wasp population if the trash can is not covered.

Fill In Holes

Caulk or putty any cracks or holes in the yard, the walls, or the eaves of your home. The number of wasps in your yard can be reduced by filling in holes since this will discourage wasps from using those spots to establish nests and colonies.

Use A Fake Nest

Because of their strong sense of territoriality, wasps avoid building their nests near other established nests. To prevent wasps from setting a nest in your yard, hang a fake nest there.

Plant Wasp-Repelling Plants

Citronella, eucalyptus, and mint are just a few of the plants shown to deter wasps. Put these in strategic locations throughout your yard to keep them at bay.

Use Traps

Wasp traps can be purchased at a hardware shop or made by removing the cap from a plastic bottle and filling it with sugar water or meat. You may reduce the number of wasps in your yard using traps rather than dangerous pesticides or damaging their nests.

Hire A Professional

Suppose you have a severe wasp infestation or are allergic to their stings. In that case, it’s in your best interest to engage a professional pest control service to destroy the nest and reduce the wasp population in a controlled manner.


Wasp control in your yard is essential for the safety of you and your family and anybody who might visit your property, as their painful stings can be life-threatening. It helps keep wasps away from your food and rubbish and discourages them from settling in areas where they could do you harm. It keeps the outside area secure and pleasant for the family. By taking steps to control wasps responsibly, you can respect their role in the ecosystem while minimizing the impact of their presence on your daily life.

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