How To Control Mosquitoes Without Harming Bees

With warmer weather on the way, we all want ways of keeping mosquitoes from biting us. But we should also work to eliminate mosquito habitats and control their numbers. We can do this in several ways—some safe, others riskier. But what about the bees? We don’t want to harm them, either. Luckily, there are several ways to keep mosquitoes away from yourself and your family without harming the bees.

Directly Apply Pesticide To The Ground

This significantly reduces drift from aerial spraying. If aerial spraying is unavoidable, spray in the evening or at night, when bees most likely return to the hive. Spraying insecticides on flowering plants is terrible, as bees often pollinate these plants. Many insecticide labels specifically warn against spraying blooming flowers. Choose granular pesticides, which are too heavy to be carried by wind and are unlikely to stick to bees’ hairs if they come into contact with them.

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Eliminate Potential Breeding Grounds

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so anything that can hold water should be drained or filled with gravel or sand. This includes flowerpots, buckets, bird baths, and clogged rain gutters. It’s also essential to regularly dispose of standing water around your property. Make sure to cover up any containers or toys that collect water. Repair sagging tarps and other covers, and straighten them if necessary.

Try Mosquito Dunks

Each “dunk” contains BTI, a bacteria that kills mosquito larvae while remaining nontoxic to all other insects, birds, and humans. This is an ideal option if you have a bird bath or other similar water features in your yard. On that note, avoid leaving standing water in your yard because this is where female mosquitoes lay their eggs. If you want to go all out, consider installing an automatic misting system on your property.

Use A Less Potent Pesticide

Chemical pesticides are designed to kill insects and other pests, but they can also be dangerous for bees. Choose less potent insecticides that target specific pests rather than broad-spectrum ones that affect many different types of insects. Choose a product with a low toxicity rating on the EPA’s label; these are safer for bees and other wildlife.

Use An Electrical Fan

A strategically placed fan can also help keep mosquitos at bay because they are poor flyers and cannot navigate well in the wind. Experiment with various fans, settings, and placements until you achieve the desired effect.

Seek Professional Help

If you still need help solving your mosquito problem, it may be time to contact a professional. They have access to products that are not available at the average home improvement store and can help you eliminate these pesky pests for good.

At Facility Pest Control, we offer various pest control services, including mosquito treatment. We’re trained in the latest techniques and use only the most effective products to ensure that your property is free from these pests—and their bites. We tailor our treatments to your specific needs and can provide ongoing maintenance that keeps mosquitoes off of your property forever—without harming bees or any other beneficial insects.