How Do Rodents Get Into Attic

Most individuals will often respond “no” when asked if they have rodents in their home, yet they will frequently admit to having investigated their attic. People without looking for rodents in their attics are often in for a huge shock. Attics that appear to be vacant frequently contain rats. 

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Similarly, when individuals find rats in their homes, they frequently locate the entrance site in the attic, but why is this such a frequent occurrence? What is the initial point of entry for rats into your attic? 

Small Rodents And Smaller Points Of Entry 

It’s easy to assume that rats can’t enter your home, but this is a misconception. Rats don’t need the same access points as humans and can fit through quarter-sized openings. They are capable of chewing through most materials, including hidden entry points in roofs that may not be noticeable to humans. 

These gaps allow rodents into the attic while keeping out rain or snow. These entry points are often difficult to spot, and rats can quickly locate them while scurrying between trees. Therefore, it’s possible to have many entryways for rodents without realizing it.

They can gain access to your attic in a variety of ways, including:

Pipes, Gutters, And Drains

They enter gutters by climbing drain pipes and looking for a path to the attic. They can also access the inside of homes through air vents and gaps around pipes or drains. Depending on the construction of the house, they may be able to reach the attic from the gutter underneath the eaves.

Scaling Telephone Lines

Rodents may climb short telephone lines and enter your home through the telephone cable hole if there is a small gap.

Running Up Walls

They climb walls up to two meters high and easily access the attic through tiny openings in the low eaves of an old bungalow. Large objects near the borders, such as bins or planters, can boost rodents reach the eaves, even if they are over two meters from the ground.

Through The Internal Walls Of Your Home

Attic rodents didn’t always enter through the attic. If the front door is left open for a short time with no one home, they may enter through it. Because your attic is pleasant and safe, they can climb walls.

Why Do Rodents Enter The Attic?

Rodents can enter a house through the eaves, but the attic is full of fluffy insulation, excellent for nesting. The home may be accessed easily through walls that open onto the attic. Mice thrive in attics because they are giant, dark, dry, and rarely frequented by humans or dogs. 

Even a mouse hunter can hide in an attic. Mice can hide in the insulation, joists, beams, and garbage. Many attics feature water tanks to keep mice hydrated. Mice love your attic’s wood, electricity cables, and maybe old books. 


Rodents can cause serious damage to your home and property. They contaminate food, spread illnesses, and start fires by eating electrical wires. Facility Pest Control is here to help if you encounter these pests! Our rodent control services will restore your household comfort so that this doesn’t happen again.