Does Pest Control Kill Termites

It’s crucial to act promptly if you find termites in your home. Wood that sounds hollow when you tap it and mud tubes are two telltale signs that they’ve taken over. Be watchful because termites can cause extensive damage before their presence is noticed. While termites cannot be eradicated from the environment permanently, you can help stop them from establishing themselves in your house and manage any existing colonies in the area.

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How Does a Professional Termite Pest Control Works?

To begin, your pest control professional should thoroughly inspect your home to identify signs of activity and termite species. Different approaches focus on the particular behavior of subterranean and dry wood termites.

Based on your home’s specific needs, your professional should suggest a treatment and prevention strategy that works best for you. For subterranean termites, traditional liquid treatments, monitoring and bait stations, and direct wood treatments are all part of this strategy for eradication and prevention. For dry wood termites, direct wood treatment, whole-structure gas fumigation, or heat treatment are common components of this prevention and treatment strategy.

In all cases of termite infestation, your professional should advise you on what home repairs you should make to make your home less vulnerable to termites. Experts frequently recommend reducing wood-to-ground contact and moisture issues to reduce access points and food sources.

Are Termite Pesticides Safe? 

As the federal agency that regulates all pesticides, including termiticides, marketed, applied, or distributed in the US, EPA must guarantee that the pesticide, when used according to label directions, fulfills current safety requirements to safeguard our health and the environment. We require over 100 scientific research and tests from applicants for such conclusions. Most states check pesticide labels for federal labeling standards and state use limits. 

Many termiticides are dangerous, so read the label instructions carefully. Pest management professionals have the label-required knowledge, expertise, and equipment to minimize risks and maximize performance.

Why Do Termites Need Professional Pest Control?

Regarding pest control for the home, termites can present some of the most challenging treatment challenges. Your professional may need to employ more than one strategy, depending on the type of termite, the location(s) of the colony, and the severity of the infestation. These processes typically call for unique equipment and skill sets to accomplish successfully.

Trying to stop termites on your own is tempting, but you should just let the experts handle that. A termite identification, behavior, prevention, and treatment professional should be consulted to eradicate an infestation, as termites may be present in your home with little to no visible evidence of their presence.

What’s Next?

Termites are notoriously difficult to eradicate, even for the most experienced exterminators. The longer you waste your time and energy vainly trying to get rid of a termite infestation, the more of an infestation you’ll have. Don’t wait; contact Facility Pest Control right away! Our team of experts can definitely identify your current infestation and determine the best action to eliminate it. Whether you need routine termite inspections or complete treatment for an existing infestation, we’re here to help.