Does Pest Control Kill Centipedes?

Even though “centipede” suggests that there are 100 legs, no centipede has that many since all centipedes have an uneven number of leg pairs. Centipedes are pretty diverse in terms of species. Dark, damp places outside, including under logs and stones or under leaf litter, are frequent habitats for many species. Some, such as the house centipede, may even appear indoors. Discover how to spot a centipede infestation, eliminate it, and avoid future infestations.

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House Centipedes: What Are They?

1 to 1.5-inch house centipedes are common; their backs are yellow with three dark stripes. House centipedes seldom cause infestations. They live in basements, closets, and bathrooms. They’re sometimes in baths and sinks. In warmer months, they may be in attics and crawl spaces. During the day, they hide under floor drains or cardboard boxes.

Centipedes Eat What?

House centipedes search ceaselessly. People find them useful because they destroy nuisance insects. They devour silverfish, cockroaches, spiders, moths, flies, or even termites. You may have a pest problem if you often encounter centipedes in your home.

How Can I Avoid Centipedes?

There are various ways to prevent centipede problems in your house.

Reduce humidity. Centipedes enjoy humid surroundings. Repair water leaks, use dehumidifiers in basements, and operate exhaust fans in bathrooms and attics to remove these regions.

Organize. Centipedes seek shelter. By reducing clutter in basements, crawlspaces, and attics, they can’t hide. Move leaves, grass, and firewood away from the house.

Stop feeding them. Centipedes eat insects and spiders; controlling them will also prevent them.

Seal holes. Seal cracks and gaps around your house to keep centipedes away. Adding weather stripping to doors and windows and repairing torn screens help keep out pests.

Centipede Eradication Methods

There are natural and chemical treatments for centipedes.

  • Vacuums: Vacuuming centipedes avoids chemicals and splashes. Seal the bag so they can’t throw it away.
  • Shoes: are the best method to kill bugs, Squish or crush them.
  • Sticky traps: The adhesive will catch a few bugs, including centipedes, but larger ones may escape by losing legs.
  • Dust: Insecticide dust containing deltamethrin, pyrethrin, and boric acid can kill centipedes where liquids aren’t allowed. 
  • Insecticide spray: may kill centipedes quickly. Bifenthrin or cypermethrin sprays kill centipedes on sight. 

If everything else fails, hire an exterminator to help with your home and circumstances.

Can Pest Control Kill Centipedes?

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