Common House Spiders in Southern California

Ever get that feeling you are being watched? By something with eight eyes! Indoor spiders can be a real nuisance. They aren’t all bad, but a few take up residence who can be hard to live with.

As to which they are, you are about to find out as we run through a quick list of common house spiders in Southern California.

What Are the Most Common House Spiders in Southern California?

There are many types of spiders you might encounter in your house in Southern California. However, there are a few types of spider that tend to find their way indoors during certain times of years.

So, what are the most common house spiders in Southern California?

Black Widows

Black Widows are among the more famous type of venomous spiders. While they do have a fearsome and painful bite, the good news is that they tend to shy away from human contact and tend to bite only when they feel threatened.

You can identify black widows easily. They have a bulbous black abdomen that is adorned with a red hourglass-shaped marking. You’ll tend to find them in areas that haven’t seen much footfall, such as behind boxes in the garage.

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Yellow Sac Spiders

Yellow sac spiders are pretty common, and they do have a venomous bites. They are normally pale in color, and their two front legs are longer than the rest. In most cases, their bite is painful but not particularly harmful.

Unlike most spiders, sac spiders do not build webs to catch their prey. Instead, they rely on their mobility to jump and ambush. 

Yellow sac spiders normally enter homes towards the fall when they are seeking refuge from colder temperatures. You can normally tell if you have an infestation by the appearance of egg sacs dotted in the corners of rooms.

American House Spider

This is one you are really likely to find in your home (hence the name). While prolific, they are not especially dangerous. They can bite humans, but their venom is not toxic (but it can still hurt).

You’ll tend to find American house spiders in areas that are easy to build a web. A particular favorite is in the corners of rooms and by windows, where they can gain easy access to your dwelling. 

The main danger from these spiders is that they are similar in appearance to a brown recluse, and those bitten by them have often thought they were handling a standard American house spider. They are not an aggressive species and, if left alone, will tend to return the courtesy.

Daddy Longlegs

If you’ve got daddy longlegs in your home, it is nothing to be particularly concerned about. They may be unsightly, but they are not dangerous. Daddy long legs do not have fangs or venom, making them harmless to humans.

Domestic House Spiders

This is one of the most common types of spider the world over. Domestic house spiders are not dangerous and will go out of their way to avoid contact with humans. If threatened, they tend to run back to their funnel-shaped webs and hide.

The domestic house spider is pale brown in color with long legs. They can grow up to 2” in size. While they are capable of biting, generally, their fangs are not long or strong enough to penetrate the skin

Jumping Spiders

If the idea of a spider jumping fills you with dread… Keep reading. This might make you feel better.

These little acrobats, while unsettling, pose no threat to humans. These spiders seem very alert and have good vision. In fact, they can see through 360°! They don’t rely on a web to catch food and are active hunters. They rarely grow bigger than 8 millimeters. 

Are California House Spiders Dangerous?

This depends very much on the type of spider.

The following are types that you should try and avoid coming into contact with: –

  • Black Widows
  • Yellow Sac Spiders
  • American House Spiders 

All of the above can give a nasty bite. That will be painful… And in some cases, harmful.

It is worth pointing out that if you are unsure of the spider species, it pays to call a pest removal company, who’ll be able to offer you expert advice.

How Do You Deal with House Spiders?

There are various ways to deal with house spiders. Here’s a list of solutions: –

Block entry points

If spiders can’t gain access, then they can’t enter your home. Key areas are under doors, holes in screens and walls, and gaps in skirting

Keep areas tidy

Most species of common house spiders in California prefer dark nooks and crannies. Garages and dusty bookshelves are particular favorites. By keeping the area clean and clear, you reduce the likelihood of a spider calling your home their home.

Use repellents and sprays

Spiders hate certain smells. Coffee, menthol, and citrus all work well to discourage them.

Contact a professional pest control company

If spiders aren’t your thing, then a pest control company will happily remove them for you. They can also offer tips on making your home spider-proof. Facility Pest Control offers a friendly servicer throughout California. Here are the areas that they cover.