Are Termite Bait Stations Worth It

One of the least expensive methods of termite control is bait stations. They are typically even covered by a termite warranty. You may save even more money on a fantastic, long-lasting termite killer by not having a professional install them.

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What Are Termite Bait Stations, And How Do They Work?

Termite bait stations are termite-luring traps with bait containing a toxin that spreads throughout a colony and is poisonous to termites. They should be strategically placed in your yard, buried or resting on top, 10 to 20 feet apart, and 2 to 4 feet away from your foundation, near active termites. Termites are drawn to the bait when they leave their nest for food, eat it, and take it back to their colony to distribute the poison. The slow-acting poison allows the termites to return to their territory before dying. Bait stations can be used in any setting and are more effective at avoiding termites than conventional liquid treatments.

How Effective Are Termite Bait Stations?

Bait stations are an excellent long-term termite control method, but it may take weeks or months to eradicate a colony. The poison is indiscriminate and has a delayed action, which means several rounds of bait may be needed to eliminate a colony. However, strategically placed bait stations can prevent termites from invading your home during that time. It’s best to hire a pest control specialist for a termite examination and installation of bait stations to maximize their efficiency and eliminate guesswork.

Worth It Or Not?

You can buy termite bait stations without consulting a professional, and they range in price from $20 to over $200. Including them in a termite warranty or maintenance plan is best, with installation costing between $300 and $800 and maintenance and monitoring averaging $250 per year. While it may seem pricey, hiring a professional to install and maintain bait stations is worth it to effectively eliminate termite colonies and prevent costly damage to your home. DIY options are also available and more affordable. Bait stations effectively destroy and deter termite colonies, making them a worthwhile investment.

Is Liquid Treatment Or Bait Stations A Better Option?

Liquid treatments involve digging a trench around your house to create a barrier that discourages termites, while bait stations attract termites with poison bait. While liquid treatments can last for years and effectively kill and prevent termites, they cannot treat infestations already present in your home and only kill individual termites. In contrast, bait stations can destroy colonies and active infestations inside your house, but they take time to work. Bait stations are also more cost-effective and don’t require harsh chemicals.


Using termite bait stations is one of the least expensive and most efficient ways to eliminate termite colonies and keep them away from your house. They are worth the admission fee because they can prevent damages that could cost you thousands of dollars. 

In general, hiring Facility Pest Control is preferable rather than doing it yourself when placing your bait stations. Call us for additional details on how we can safeguard your investment and offer peace of mind.