Are Carpet Beetles Bed Bugs?

Anxiety and fear follow bed bugs around like a foul odor. But what about the carpet beetle, commonly mistaken for a ladybug? Several insects resemble bed bugs, including carpet beetles. They are almost the same size, have similar behaviors, and can even create welts.

carpet beetles c m.f. potter

However, carpet beetles are not the same as bed bugs. Carpet beetles can ruin fabrics, and bed bugs can cause severe skin irritation if they bite. Both insects can multiply fast and may stay hidden for a time before you begin to detect them. Both are undesirable, but bed bugs provide serious health risks and can cause substantial property damage.

Continue reading to find out what kind of pest you may have if you’ve discovered tiny beetle-like insects in your household furnishings, bedding, clothes, or even on your skin. 

Comparison Of Bed Bugs And Carpet Beetles


While carpet beetles may look similar to bed bugs, they do not bite as bed bugs do. The bed bug, like the mosquito, will pierce your skin with its long nose to drink your blood. There may be itchy, red markings where bites occur.

Carpet beetle bites, if you’ve heard of them, are caused by an allergic reaction to the larva’s hair. Like a fuzzy caterpillar, the larva of a carpet beetle has a hairy, bristly covering. Some people may have an allergic reaction that resembles a bite when these insects crawl over them.


Bed bugs can only survive and multiply if they regularly feed on blood. On the other hand, Carpet beetle larvae don’t feed on human blood but organic materials like wool, cloth, carpet, leather, and feathers. They can chew holes in carpets, clothing, and upholstered furniture despite their small size. Once they’ve molted enough times to reach adulthood, they continue on their destructive course. As adults, carpet beetles switch to a diet of pollen.

Transmission Of Carpet Beetles And Bed Bugs

It’s not uncommon for bed bugs and carpet beetles to travel together. Each hitchhikes to new feeding grounds by attaching to a host’s clothing, luggage, or other furniture items.

Bed Bugs

Tourists sometimes report seeing bed bugs during their travels. They invade your home by squirming inside your luggage or bag and making their way via airports and motels. After feeding on your blood, they will deposit eggs that will hatch into nymphs (baby bed bugs).

Carpet Beetles

In some cases, carpet beetles will hitch a ride. In addition to using food sources like carpets and blankets, they also lay their eggs there. An adult may fly in through an open window or door and place offspring in your bedroom. You may expect your carpets and fabrics to be devoured by carpet beetle nymphs until they mature into adulthood, at which point the adults will fly off in quest of pollen.

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