7 Signs You Have Bed Bugs

There are several common signs you have bed bugs.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that are approximately 5mm in length. They are easily identifiable (if you can see them) because they have a wide oval-shaped abdomen and reddish-brown color.

While they are called bed bugs, they can have several habitats within your home. They are a huge fan of soft furnishings, bed frames, seams in clothing, and have even been found behind loose wallpaper!

If you do have a bed bug problem, you need to contact a pest control professional that offers bed bug treatment sooner than later.

In this article, we’re sharing several common signs you have bed bugs.

Why Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Relax, we know what you are thinking.

Rest assured that having bed bugs is no reflection of the cleanliness of your home. They are nearly always transported in from elsewhere. This can happen by various means. Have you recently experienced any of the following? –

  • Brought used furniture into your home from somewhere else
  • Stayed in a hotel or someone else’s home
  • Had neighbors next door or nearby complain about bed bugs (especially in apartments)
  • Had guests stay over
  • Have problems with bats or birds within your home

Any of the above can all act as vehicles for bed bugs. They travel well, especially in suitcases, clothing, and furniture. They are like little hitchhikers! 

7 Signs You Have Bed Bugs

So, you think you might have bed bugs?

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’ve already spotted at least one sign that may indicate you have bed bugs. The most common sign people notice involves strange bite marks.

However, bite marks might be a sign of another pest.

So, how do you know?

Here are 7 signs you have bed bugs and may need to call a pest control professional.

1. Spotting Live Bed Bugs

This is the most obvious sign that you’ve got bed bugs.

And here’s the bad news. 

Bed bugs normally tend to ‘shelter in place’ once they get settled. They aren’t a big fan of daylight and will tend to crawl and sit in areas such as folds, creases, and cracks, particularly in soft furnishings. If you see even one bed bug then there is a huge chance that you have a lot more! 

Not sure if it is a bed bug? Here are the defining features: –

  • 5mm in size, in real terms, slightly smaller than an apple seed
  • Red or brown in color
  • Bedbugs can’t fly, so if it takes off, you are safe!
  • A flat, oval shape

2. Bed Bug Eggs

You might not see a bed bug, but if you still have doubts it is time to check areas where they may be sheltering. If you spot bed bug eggs, then it means that you have a problem. They generally only take a week to hatch! More baby bed bugs are on the way! Yuck!

Here’s what bed bug eggs look like: –

  • Tiny ovals, slightly bigger than a grain of sand. They look a little like miniature grains of rice.
  • They are normally sticky and can be found on both vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Found in areas where you’d expect to see bed bugs, like corners and darker areas.

3. Shell Casings

Bed bugs don’t hatch at full size but instead, grow and shell their outer skin. This is called a husk or shell-casing. The shell casings look very similar to a bedbug, except instead of being reddish-brown, they are more of opaque yellow color. 

This indicates you’ve got a big bed bug problem. Why? Because it means that the bed bugs are breeding! 

4. Bed Bug Poop

Disgusting, we know. Insect feces isn’t what any of us are comfortable sleeping in. On the plus side, you’ll know what you are dealing with.

Ok don’t be too grossed out, these ‘droppings’ are actually excreted human blood (and probably your own!). Bed bug poop looks like someone has pressed a small black sharpie or magic marker onto your mattress or bedding.

5. Blood on the Sheets

Still here? Here’s the worst news.

Bed bugs love to feed on human blood, they are like little vampires, nipping away at you in your sleep! Like mosquitos, they swell as they feed. If you move or rollover, your weight might cause them to be squeezed like an overfilled balloon. 

This blood will appear as tiny spots on your bedding, clothing, or pajamas.

6. Bed Bug Odor

There are a few smells emitted by bed bugs, both by the insect themselves and their feces. People perceive the smell in different ways, including:-

  • A strong smell of rust caused by the iron in the bed bugs poop.
  • Raspberries
  • Cilantro
  • Almonds
  • Wet towels
  • Mold

The bottom line is that if your bed smells funny and there is no obvious source, it could be bed bugs! 

7. Bites from Bed Bugs

Ah, the final sting in the tail! This is the worst part about having bed bugs. 

They bite!

The good news? They are more irritating than dangerous. 

Here’s how to identify bed bug bites: –

  • A line of red and very itchy bumps.
  • A cluster of small spots
  • Any red blotches are located on blood-rich areas like the ankles, hands, arms, and legs.

Some people don’t have a reaction, so the absence of bites doesn’t mean you don’t have bed bugs!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

The most reliable solution to ridding yourself of bed bugs is to hire a professional pest control company. Because of their short incubation period, you can expect a resurgence in no time at all unless you get rid of every last one.

Bed bugs are tricky to get rid of on your own. They are great at hiding too! It is far better to seek professional help for bed bugs. That way an expert can cast their expert eye over the problem and deal with it quickly and professionally.

Tired of “things that go bite in the night”? Facility Pest Control offers free consultations and reliable, professional service. If you think you might have bed bugs, why not check to see if they are available in your area