7 Cockroach Control Techniques And Benefits

Cockroaches are one of the most diverse insects on earth, with more than 4500 species. They have been around for at least 300 million years and feed mostly on dead things. They are known to spread diseases and are a common pest problem in homes. In this blog, we’ll look at common cockroach control techniques and the benefits of using them.

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Determine High-Risk Areas

Cockroaches may be elusive, yet they prefer to congregate in predictable locations in the house. The key to successful eradication is locating their breeding grounds.

These insects prefer damp areas, so keep an eye on your kitchen and bathroom. Roaches will seek refuge beneath sinks and in piping. They thrive in the dark, usually within walls or beneath the furniture.

Obstruct Entryways

Cockroaches can enter through any crack or hole in the house. Roaches, like other pests, enter the building through weak places in the walls and floor. Caulking holes or using liquid concrete to cover fractures makes it more difficult for these insects to gain entry.

Remove Food and Crumbs

Roaches are attracted to leftover food. Cleaning your floors and countertops of any residual food residue is one of the most excellent methods to keep these unwanted guests at bay. Don’t forget to properly seal your bags and containers.

Cockroaches enter cupboards and pantries if food is not sealed correctly. This method will help to keep insects and other pests at bay. You will significantly lower the likelihood of food-borne diseases and bug infestations in your kitchen.


Knowing how to get rid of cockroaches using baiting methods is an excellent short-term option. Roach bait comes in various ways, but chemical pesticides are one of the most effective. Bait and traps are available at most local hardware stores. Baiting will eliminate roaches in small numbers, but it may not be a unique approach for larger infestations.

Boric Acid

A boric acid ball is a simple home treatment for cockroach control. This dough-like product is made of sugar, flour, and boric acid. When cockroaches consume it, the sweet smell attracts and kills them.

Boric acid works best in high-risk places, such as under sinks or in wet corners of the room. Make sure that dogs and children are not exposed to this solution. Poisoning will result from ingestion and sustained exposure.


Other chemicals are used to treat huge cockroach infestations. These pesticides should be applied to entry points, high-risk areas, and even the perimeter of your property. We urge you not to use chemicals unless you have the necessary knowledge and safety equipment.

Check the chemical bottle labels to ensure they are safe to use indoors. Keep insecticides and other roach-killing materials in secure places.

Hire Pest Control Experts

DIY approaches work for some homeowners, but many lack the time and tools. The best strategy for getting rid of cockroaches is to hire a professional pest control agency.

A thorough inspection of your property will enable us to identify typical cockroach signs and potential shelter sites. You can rely on Facility Pest Control to properly eliminate your cockroach problem and return you to pest-free status.