5 Types of Bed Bugs In Reseda, Simi Valley, and Calabasas CA

Bed bugs feed exclusively on the blood of animals and people and are pretty small and oval. A mature bedbug’s flat body might be as little as an apple seed. However, after eating, they become bloated and crimson in appearance. We offer a rundown of the bedbug species most frequently encountered in Reseda, Simi Valley, and Calabasas, California.

1.Common Bed Bug Or Household Bed Bug

The common bed bug, as its name suggests, is the most widespread species of this pest. This is one of those that prefers to feast on humans. Quite the opposite; they are celebrated for their ability to adjust to human settlements quickly. Even though it likes to feed on people, the common bed bug will also bite other warm-blooded creatures, such as dogs, cats, birds, and rodents.

household bed bug (6)

They are typically between 4 and 6 millimeters in length, with similarly short antennae and legs. Because they lay eggs before going out to feed on humans, and because they can go without food for up to fifteen months, bedbugs are tough to eradicate. The bed bugs will start a new life cycle when the eggs hatch a week after the adult colony has been destroyed.

tropical bed bug

2.Tropical Bed Bug

The tropical bed bug is another type of bed insect drawn to humans’ blood. Because of the striking similarities between tropical and common bed bugs, accurate differentiation between the two requires a microscope and a trained entomologist’s expertise. The insects are virtually identical in appearance and share the same life cycle, nesting locations, and adverse effects on people.

3.Poultry Bugs

The poultry bug is sized, colored, and shaped like a bed bug, but it has adapted to feed on chicken instead of human blood. These are typical in areas that house hens or poultry farms. Surprisingly, it has been shown that most bed bug species, including the common bed insect, also prey on chickens. In the same way, typical bed bugs are treated or eradicated, so are poultry bugs. 

poultry bugs (1)
chimney swift bugs

4.Chimney Swift Bugs

Although the chimney swift bug resembles a bedbug in shape and size, it differs significantly from other species. Their legs are much longer than those of other bugs—so they can cling to walls with greater ease (and hang upside down if needed). The chimney swift bug does not feed on humans. Instead, they eat almost entirely birds. 

5.Swallow Bugs

They aren’t in the same genus as bed bugs but in the same family of bugs. But they don’t eat human blood as bed bugs do. They are the same size and shape and look like bed bugs, but their long hairs sticking out of their shells make them stand out. They prey on birds, especially swallows, as their name suggests. They make nooks in their nests. If too many swallow bugs exist, hatchlings might leave the nest before they can fly.

swallow bugs (1)

No one enjoys dealing with bed bugs or any other pests in their home. The good news is that you won’t have to. To determine the best choice of action for eliminating bed bugs from your house, Facility Pest Control trained specialists will do a full inspection of every room. We will assess the situation, determine which type of bed bug you have, and create a customized plan to eliminate them. If you have any questions about how we can help, please contact us today!