5 Effective Ant Control Tips

If you’ve ever had ants overrun your home, you know you don’t want it to happen again. A path of those hard-working pests wandering through your cupboards, marching across your floors, and swarming along cabinets and doorways is a distressing event that should never repeat. Instead of dealing with an ant infestation and the time and energy required to eradicate them, let’s concentrate on ant control and ensuring they don’t find a pleasant environment in your home.

Remove Food Sources

Ants will be less likely to enter your home if your kitchen is kept clean. Regularly sweep floors and wipe down counters to eliminate spill residue and crumbs. Keep food in tightly closed, pest-proof containers, and store ripe fruit in the fridge—clean sticky containers, especially those that contain honey, syrup, soda, or other sweets. Lastly, cover trash cans with a lid and empty them frequently.

Use Natural Ants Repellants

Using natural repellents to control ants can be helpful, particularly when we want to minimize chemical exposure for dogs and kids. You can spray the areas around your home where ants are most prevalent with a liquid spray by combining water with peppermint, lemon juice, or vinegar. Alternatively, you can quickly stop ants from entering your home by simply sprinkling spices and coffee grounds around potential entrances.

Clean Regularly

Ants need food, a place to live, and water to stay alive. It means you must do more than prepare food correctly; you must also keep your whole house clean. Also, sweeping and vacuuming your floors regularly will eliminate food scraps and prevent ants from entering your home.

Install Ant Traps

Put the baits closest to the entrance to your home where the ants are coming in. This will deter them from exploring deeper inside the house in search of alternative food sources. Even though the bait includes sugar and borax, you should use extra caution if you have children or pets. Choose locations accessible to ants but inaccessible to your kids and pets.

Remove Ant Trails

Scout ants leave a smell trail. Along their travel paths, ants leave behind pheromones, organic compounds. The worker ants follow the scent trail from the colony to the food source. Ants will continue to arrive until they have gathered all the food once a smell trail has been built. Remove the scent trail immediately with soap and warm water, and clean the floors and surfaces. To eliminate lingering ants, use an ant repellent like cinnamon or orange oil. Try chalk, baking soda, hot water, or vinegar to get rid of a fragrance trail outside. This will prevent ants from swarming all over the house.

Final Thoughts

If you still notice the presence of ants and find it difficult to control them, it might be time to engage with the best pest control company. Contact Facility Pest Control because our team will inspect your property and apply the most effective treatment to address the problem appropriately. You will be assured that we will deliver you the best service. Call us now!