4 Ways Facility Pest Control Is Great for Treating All Crawling Insects

Mosquitos. Mice. Bed bugs. Roaches. 

Try as you might, you can’t keep all pests out of your home all of the time. You want your uninvited guests gone, but you’re not sure what type of pest control best suits your situation, whether you have common pests or rarer intruders.

At Facility Pest Control, we offer both low toxicity and nontoxic materials in order to lessen your pest control problems. Additionally, we offer many services and specialties that many big businesses can’t offer.

Here are some reasons you should work with our company to take care of pests: 

1. It’s Safer For Your Pets

Some animals are allowed in your home, of course. 

It’s your job to care for your pets, which sometimes means steering them out of harm’s way. As such, you might consider our pest service to be a way of protecting your pooch or cat. 

Think about it: traditional pest control companies only use heavy-duty chemicals to kill unwanted pests. If your pet accidentally ingests any of these chemicals, they could get sick — or worse.

With Facility Pest Control, we offer safe alternatives to every day pest control and can work with you to tailor a service that will fit your individual needs, and the needs of your pets.

2. It’s Convenient

Other pest control companies often lack the ability to make services convenient to you. While traditional pest control companies require contracts to be signed and services to be regularly rendered, we understand that life happens.

During quarantine, we are more than happy to work with your schedule to set up a service that would be best for you. For example, you can set up a schedule for an exterminator to come monthly or bi-monthly. 

Our pest control technicians are fully trained on how to service any and all of your pest control needs, and can do so with great efficiency whether you would prefer traditional or nontraditional methods of pest control. 

3. Your Landscape Won’t Suffer

The technicians at Facility Pest Control understand how much time and effort goes into landscaping your yard. Often, pests such as gophers or ground squirrels can destroy all of the hard work that goes into making your yard a beautiful oasis.

As mentioned prior, Facility Pest Control offers low toxicity and nontoxic options to take care of these pests that will not destroy your yard even further, and will help to lessen the pests that cause such issues. 

Our pest control can protect your prized plants from such a fate, and allow you to protect generations of growth as well. 

4. It’s Effective

This one might be the biggest concern when it comes to pest control services — does it really work? 

The truth is, the pest control products that we provide have just as much power to lessen your pest problems, despite their low toxicity levels, as long as your house is regularly serviced. 

Choose Facility Pest Control

Facility Pest Control will work hard to maintain your home and your lifestyle. As a family owned and run company, we understand the importance of family and pets, and will work with you to tailor services to your lifestyle. We offer both low toxicity and nontoxic pest control options, and never require you to sign a contract to work with us. Call us today to schedule a service!