10 Signs of Pest Infestation in Commercial Buildings

There are several common signs of pest infestation in commercial buildings. If you run or operate a business, you need to know what to look for so you can take action sooner than later.

Unlike the home, commercial buildings are not always occupied. Even if something is noticed, some might assume it is already being dealt with. What common signs of pest activity would you look for in your business? 

In this article, we’re sharing 10 signs of pest infestation in commercial buildings.

Signs of Pest Infestation in Commercial Buildings

A pest control issue can negatively impact your business in a variety of ways. It can damage you reputation, you could lose customers, and even lose revenue if the problem is ignored.

Contact a professional pest control company about their commercial pest control services as soon as possible.

Here are several common signs of pest infestation in commercial buildings.

1. Droppings 

This one might be obvious, or maybe not?

If you are worried about rats, mice, or other rodents, then the good news (sort of) is that their droppings are easy to spot. They tend to be around 5mm in length and look football-shaped with a dark color. 

Urination (while not particularly pleasant) is another easy identifier with rodents, creating a very distinctive musty smell.

Why could it be less obvious? Smaller pests produce smaller droppings. Bedbugs, in particular, create tiny droppings that can often be mistaken for mold.

2. Eggs

Smaller creatures (such as bedbugs) often leave a few subtle clues that they have taken up residence in a commercial building (no, they aren’t limited only to beds, regardless of the name).

Bedbug eggs are generally found in crevices on soft fabrics. They look like clusters of tiny grains of rice.

Think bedbugs in your workplace aren’t a problem? Think again. Bedbugs are well known for being hitchhikers. Bed bugs in your place of work could quickly become bedbugs in your home!

3. Nesting Materials

Someone’s got a bed in the office, and it isn’t the boss!

Rodents like a comfy bed just as much as we do! They may pull out soft fibers from furniture or even the carpet before assembling a ‘nest’. If you spot unexplained piles of fluff, particularly in dark or warm areas, then this is a sure sign that you have rodents in the building. 

4. Footprints or Tracks

If you work in industrial premises or anywhere that involves fine powder (such as flour in a bakery, yuck), you can often spot a really obvious sign of a rat or mouse infestation. While relatively lightweight, they do leave footprints and tracks behind. 

The good news is that this can often show you common routes used by these pesky critters, making the strategic placement of traps or other methods much more effective.

5. Gnaw Marks

Here’s an interesting fact about rodents. Unlike humans and other mammals, their teeth never stop growing. Rats and mice face a constant battle to wear their teeth away before they get too long.

Do you know what they use to do this?

Any hard surface in your business. If you have noticed the odd chunk missing from furniture legs or are perplexed by the continual appearance of sawdust in your work premises, you might very well have a furry friend or two who is paying a well-needed trip to the dentist! 

6. Holes

As a general rule, rodents will follow the path of least resistance to get to where they want to be. However, occasionally if they can’t find a road, they will make a tunnel. Rodents have very sharp teeth (ask us how we know) and can make light work of wood, furnishings, floors, and ceilings. If mystery holes begin to appear around your workplace, then rodents could be a likely culprit.

Pests are limited to small holes, either! If you notice a series of pinpricks, especially in woodwork, then you may have a real problem. Woodworms and termites both love nothing more than to chew their way through the wood, where they lay their eggs. This might require professional help.

7. Electrical Problems

Ever had an unexpected power cut limited to just your building? Or turned up in the morning to find that the lights won’t work. 

Rats or mice could be the problem. 

While gnawing furniture, rodents are also prone to chowing down on the odd electrical cable. This is hazardous for a few reasons. First, it presents a significant fire risk. Second, it is unlikely that a rodent ‘getting down to the wire’ has survived. Dead animals behind wall paneling can create a noxious odor that lasts for weeks! 

8. Plant Damage

Everyone likes a few plants dotted around the office. Can anyone answer why the leaves seem to be getting smaller and smaller each day?

Grubs, flies, and certain species of wasp all love to eat plant matter. Ever noticed persistent tiny black flies floating around the office? Yep, they are either fruit flies or fungus gnats. And once you’ve noticed them, you’ll always notice them until they are dealt with.

9. Unexplained Noises

So, you’ve stayed later than usual, and you are locking up for the night? The lights are off, and there is a faint scratching. It probably isn’t a burglar. Instead, your thoughts should turn to rodents. Rodents actually have a pretty good internal ‘clock’ and know when it is normally safe to come out.

If you hear noises, it is a good sign that several uninvited guests are working on the ‘night shift’.

10. Visual Sightings

This is by far the most obvious sign you have a pest infestation. Generally, if you spot a pest, such as a rat or a mouse, there are almost undoubtedly more! Rats breed frighteningly quickly, so it is in your best interest to deal with them at the earliest available opportunity.

What You Can Do About It?

You could spend countless hours (and more time at work) trying to rid yourself of a commercial pest infestation.

Or, opt for an easy solution…

That being to hire a professional pest control company. Facility Pest Control serves the California area and is well experienced in dealing with infestations at home and commercial premises. They can provide a free quote and quickly deal with the problem, allowing you to get on with what matters while we handle your other business. Why not check to see if Facility Pest Control is available in your area today?